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number 1103

Date of issue: Apr 15 2006

Cover – Lostprophets/My Chemical Romance

Featured artists:
Panic! At the Disco – 2pg news w/photos
Metallica – 0.5pg news w/photo
Epica – 1pg photo w/short interview
Fightstar – 2pg live review w/photos
Feeder – 0.5pg live review w/photo
Judas Priest – 1pg live review w/photos
Pitchshifter – 0.5pg live review w/photo
Lostprophets/My Chemical Romance – 5pg interview w/photos
Matchbook Romance – 1pg interview w/photo
Muse – 2pg feature w/photos
Dragonforce – 1pg interview w/photo
Lacuna Coil – 2pg interview w/photos
Hawthorne Heights – 2pg feature w/photos
Taking Back Sunday – 1pg review w/photo
Ihsahn – 0.5pg review w/photo
Metallica – 2pg feature w/photo
Panic! At the Disco – 1pg interview w/photo
Lemmy – 1pg photo w/text

Condition – Excellent (does not come with centrespreads or posters)

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