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No. 174

Date of issue: Sept 2008

Cover – Paradise Lost

Featured artists:
Leif Edling – 0.5pg news w/photo
The Front – 0.5pg interview w/photo
Death Angel – 0.5pg interview w/photo
Destruction – 1pg interview w/photo
Paradise Lost/My Dying Bride/Anathema – 5pg interview w/photos
Motorhead – 3pg interview w/photos
Krisiun – 1pg interview w/photo
Dragonforce – 2pg interview w/photos
Wold – 1pg interview w/photo
Darkspace – 1pg interview w/photo
Esoteric – 2pg interview w/photos
Kalmah – 1pg interview w/photo
Harkonin – 1pg interview w/photo
Benighted – 1pg interview w/photo
Coffins – 1pg interview
Ansur – 1pg interview w/photo
Amon Amarth – 2 pg comic
Italian Death Metal – 3pg feature
Genghis Tron/Nachtmystium – 3pg tour report
Anaal Nathrakh – 2pg interview w/photos
Novembre – 1pg interview w/photo
Ethernal – 1pg interview w/photo
Gnaw Their Tongues – 0.5pg interview w/photo
Download Festival – 1pg inc Testament/Amon Amarth/Cavalera Conspiracy/ Municipal Waste and more
Graspop Metal Meeting – 1pg inc Immortal/Apocalyptica/Obituary and more
Hellfest Summer Open Air – 1 pg inc At The Gates/Candlemass/ Dimmu Borgir/Venom and more
Cult of Luna – 0.5pg live review w/photo
Iron Maiden – 1pg live review w/photos
Morbid Angel – 0.5pg live review w/photo
Impaled – 0.5pg live review w/photo
Possessed – 1pg interview w/photo

Condition – Very good (general wear/does not come with cds)

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