RECORD MIRROR - 31/10/81

RECORD MIRROR - 31/10/81


RECORD MIRROR - 31/10/81

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Date of issue 31/10/81 


Featured artists

The Bee Gees - colour centre 2 page interview

Gillan - 1.5 page interview

The Exploited - 1 page interview

ABC - half page advert for Tears...

Joy Division - half page album review

Gregory Isaccs - half page interview

Gillan - 2 page advert of Double Trouble

Eurythmics - 1 page advert for In the garden

Blue Rondo A La Turk - half page advert for Me and Mr Sanchez

Ultravox - 1 page advert  for The voice

John Foxx - half page advert for Dancing...

U2 - 1 page advert for October

Simple Minds - half page advert for 1.2.3.

The Comsat Angels - 1 page advert for Do the empty house

Dept S - 1 page advert for I want

Japan - half page advert for Visions...

Plus much more...

Condition - Excellent (name on cover)

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